Here are some photos of Norfolk family graves - if you have any photos and/or Inscriptions you could add to this page please email them to me via the Contact Form.

Monumental Inscriptions may be "carved in stone" but they're far from permanent! This is such a pity as information on gravestones can be so valuable to genealogists. Birth, Marriage and Death certificates tell us a great deal but gravestones can also tell us about relationships, especially when graves contain more than one person. Inscriptions provide exact death dates and often birth dates, too. They can even, occasionally, give us a clue as to how someone has died. 

Because stone is not permanent, it's especially important to keep a record of monumental inscriptions otherwise, before long, they may well be lost forever. So often nowadays, gravestones are not just subject to erosion by the weather. Increasingly they are damaged by vandalism, including the "official" vandalism carried out by local councils and others, who insist on "laying down" gravestones either because of fears over health and safety or else because doing so makes mowing the grass easier!

Here are some of the photos I've taken of Norfolk graves belonging to members of my own branch of the family as well as some from the Tockwith branch. 

These are followed by a number of photographs of Norfolk graves in and around the Otley area: Harewood Church graveyard, Guiseley Cemetery, Cottingley Cemetery, Otley Cemetery, St John's at Menston, Hawksworth Cemetery, Kirkby Overblow, St Roberts at Pannal and St Barnabas' at Weeton. They have been very kindly supplied to me by friend and fellow Norfolk researcher, Mary Stowell (nee Norfolk) who, like all the inhabitants of these graves, is a descendant of the Otley Norfolks. These great photographs were taken by Mary's husband, Trevor Stowell.

Victoria Norfolk has very kindly provided photographs of Norfolk graves in south east London belonging to Norfolks who lived around Greenwich, Blackheath and Deptford. The graves are those of Edward Norfolk (one of the sons of Thomas Norfolk, Brewer, of Deptford) and Edward's family. 

She has also photographed the crypt at St Alfage Park which is behind St Alfage Church in Greenwich. The crypt contains 2 Lamberts - Edward & Phoebe and 4 Norfolks - Thomas & Edith (daughter of Edward Lambert) Norfolk & their 2 infant children.

In the case of some photos below you can click on the names to see a larger version of each photo, then use the expander icon that pops up when you hover the cursor over the picture for even more detail .


 1. The grave of Francis Tinniswood and Hannah Norfolk, buried in the graveyard of St Giles Church, Copmanthorpe. The transcription reads:

"Sacred to the memory of Francis Tinniswood who departed this life the sixth day of July 1826. Aged 71 years."

 There are three more lines underneath this but I can't make out all the words. I found this to be a particularly intriguing - and frustrating - gravestone as the bottom part of it is below the surface of the soil and, after reading the details of Francis Tinniswood, who was buried in the grave some 14 years before his wife, Hannah, I was just ready to read about Hannah when all I could see was the tantalising word "ALSO" - then all the rest was underground! I know that Hannah Norfolk is in there, but I could hardly dig the stone out of the ground to read the rest of the inscription - I'd probably have been arrested for vandalism if I had. It must go on to record Hannah Norfolk's details so I'll have to find a way around this problem.

 2. The grave of John and Priscilla Norfolk in the churchyard of St Lawrence Priory Church, Snaith. The Inscription is not as clearly decipherable as it once was but reads:

"In memory of Priscilla, wife of John Norfolk of Pollington, who departed this life 13 November 1853 aged 54 years. Also John Norfolk, husband of the above, who died December 22nd 1876 aged 76 years. His end was peace."  

This stone lies flat to the ground but whether or not it has always been positioned this way is not possible to tell. 



 3. The grave of Joseph and Alice Norfolk in Great Houghton cemetery. The Inscription is starting to become worn and a little unclear in in places, but reads as follows:

"In loving memory of a dear husband, dad and grandad. Joseph Norfolk, died June 14th 1962, aged 57 years.

Also, a dear wife, mother and grandma, Alice May Norfolk, died April 12th 1971, aged 63 years."

On the flower urn in front of the stone is the Inscription:

"From your mates."





 4. The grave of James and Hilda Mary Norfolk in the cemetery of St John the Baptist church in Pollington. If only all Monumental Inscriptions were as clear and legible as this one! 



 5. The grave of Elizabeth Norfolk and Vazin Goodridge in the cemetery of St John The Baptist Church at Pollington. They are buried along with their daughter Sarah Jane and also Elizabeth's brother, James Norfolk. It's interesting to note that Elizabeth and Vazin died within two weeks of each other, both at the age of 62. The Monumental Inscription is difficult to decipher but reads as follows:

"In loving memory of Elizabeth Goodridge, died July 14th 1927 aged 62 years, and of her husband Vazin Goodridge, died July 31st 1927, aged 62 years. Also of their daughter Sarah Jane Goodridge, died March 23rd 1899, aged 18 months. ' Until The Day Breaks'

Also of James Norfolk who died Feb 19th 1946 aged 83 years."

 6. The grave of Wilfred and Almena Norfolk along with their daughter Jean and her husband, Joseph Horne, in Tinsley Park Cemetery, Sheffield. No trouble reading the Inscription at the moment but the stone is beginning to show definite signs of wear.



 7. The grave of Thomas Norfolk along with Sarah, his wife, and daughters Elizabeth and Margaret in the cemetery of the Church Of The Epiphany, Tockwith.This is a very impressive stone but parts of it are now pretty difficult to read. The Inscription reads:

"In affectionate remembrance Thomas Norfolk of Tockwith who died September 3rd 1882 aged 69 years. Also Sarah, his beloved wife, who died June 26th 1889 aged 58 years. 'They are gone, the grave has received them, Twas Jesus that took them away. They are gone to the Lord who remeemed them, from night to the splendour of day' Also Elizabeth, daughter of the above, who died February 5th 1900 aged 57 years. Also Margaret Norfolk who died October 9th 1911 aged 64 years"





8. The grave of Mary Hannah Norfolk Chapman at the Church Of The Epiphany in Tockwith. The Inscription on this stone has greatly deteriorated over the years, but reads as follows:

"In loving memory of Mary Hannah Norfolk Chapman, born May 25th 1853, died January 18th 1918"





 9. The grave of Hannah Frances Norfolk and James Noel Norfolk (brother and sister), in the cemetery of the Church Of The Epiphany at Tockwith. This stone is in very good condition and there is no difficulty in reading the Inscription.





 10. The grave of John and Ida Mary Norfolk in the graveyard of the Church Of The Epiphany at Tockwith. The Inscription on this stone is perfectly legible but the stone itself doesn't look as if it will stay upright for too much longer! Are they trying to push their way out?






    Ann Norfolk d 1828 

Charles Norfolk d 1791 

 Elizabeth Norfolk d 1722

John Norfolk d 1886 

 Mary Midgley (nee Norfolk) d 1864

 Mary Norfolk d 1809

 Stephen Norfolk d 1804

Frances Norfolk d 1829


 William Norfolk d 1774

William Norfolk d 1824








Catherine Winifred Norfolk d 1938 - Guiseley Cemetery

Alec Norfolk d 1995 - Cottingley Cemetery

Joseph Norfolk d 1931 - Otley Cemetery

Joseph Norfolk d 1977 - Otley Cemetery

John Norfolk d 1871 - St John's Menston

John Norfolk d 1888 - Hawkesworth Cemetery 

John Norfolk d 1888 - Hawkesw'th Cem. (2)

James Norfolk d 1869 - Kirkby Overblow Cem.

Thom. Norfolk d 1835 - Kirkby Overblow Cem. 

Eliz. Norfolk d 1838 - Kirkby Overblow Cem.


Chas. Norfolk d 1871 & Chas. Norfolk d 1893 - St Robert's, Pannal  

Eliz. Norfolk d 1862 - St Robert's, Pannal

John Pkr Norfolk d 1886 & John Pkr Norfolk d1916 - St Barnabas', Weeton


John Parker Norfolk d 1884 - St Barnabas', Weeton 


Emily Norfolk d 1916 & E M Denison d 1951 - St Barnabas', Weeton 




 Norfolk graves in Brockley Cemetery, south-east London - very kindly provided by Victoria NorfolkThe graves are those of Edward Norfolk and Charles Norfolk (the sons of Thomas Norfolk, Brewer, of Deptford) and their families:

 Inscription on Edward and Alice Norfolk's grave in Brockley Cemetery, South East London:

"In Loving Memory of Edward Norfolk who died 5th September 1903 in his 60th Year"         "Also in Loving Memory of  Alice Norfolk widow of the above who died 4th December 1925 in her 85th Year"  

Below Alice and Edward Norfolk but on the same front panel is the below inscription:

"Also in Loving memory of Bertha daughter of the above died 27th April 1927 61 years" 
   Inscription on the side of Edward and Alice Norfolk's grave in Brockley Cemetery, South East London:

"Also in Loving Memory of Alice Bessie, widow of Basil Leonard Lawrence and eldest dearly loved daughter of Edward & Alice Norfolk, who died 8th June 1912 aged 49 years."


This photo is of the rear panel of the Memorial to Edward and Alice Norfolk and has a note of sadness. The inscription reads:


In tender and loving memory of
Gerald Launcelot
Infant son of Harry and Bessie Wilson
grandson of Edward and Alice Norfolk
"who fell asleep New Years Day 1891 aged 11 months"


the left-hand side panel (below) has two inscriptions. This is the first:


Also in loving memory
The Rev Alfred Norfolk MA
The tenderly loved son of
Edward and Alice Norfolk
who died 9 April 1903
Aged 28 years
"Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God" Matt v8


 Below the Rev. Norfolk on the left-hand side of Edward & Alice Norfolk's memorial is the following inscription:

Major Harold Norfolk
Worcester Yeomanry
Younger son of
Edward and Alice Norfolk
Killed in war at Ograhtina Egypt
23 April 1916
in his 37th year


 As Victoria rightly says, it seems there is quite a lot of sadness in this family.


The next photo is the grave of another of Edward Norfolk's daughters. Her name is Maud and she, too, died young, not long after the birth of a child who was also named Maud. The inscription reads:


In Loving Memory of
the dearly loved wife of
who died Dec 20th 1896
aged 24 years
"for ever with the Lord"

Also the above
Henry Christian Wasmuth
who died July 19th 1930
Aged 80 years

 The M.I. for Charles Norfolk and his wife, Frances, reads:

In Loving Memory
Charles Norfolk of Deptford Brewery who died 13th January 1907 aged 64 years.
A large hearted kind unselfish man.
Also of 
Frances Elizabeth Norfolk
The loving wife of the above died 16th July 1920 (?hard to read the year)

 Lower panel says:

This monument erected by his sorrowful wife. 


A closer image:



 Photos taken of the Norfolk crypt in St Alphage, Greenwich. The crypt contains 2 Lamberts - Edward & Phoebe and 4 Norfolks - Thomas & Edith (daughter of Edward Lambert) Norfolk & their 2 infant children. 

This Thomas Norfolk is the Brewer from Deptford, his wife, his in-laws and children who died in infancy

Again, they have very kindly been supplied by Victoria Norfolk.

The descriptions and comments are Victoria's. 

The (1st) attached photo is Arthur's inscription one end of the crypt and is in poor condition. 

It reads as I can best tell:

In memory of
son of
Tho & Edith
Died 29 July
illegible words x 2




The next (2nd) attached photo is from the side wall of the Crypt and has inscriptions of Edith Norfolk and Thomas Norfolk.
In poor condition and very hard to read.
Sacred to the Memory of
Edith the beloved wife of Thomas
...... remainder of of inscription hard to read but can pick up some words
What I do know is that Edith died in 1847 and Thomas died 40 years later in 1887. He never remarried.
Edith died at 41 years of age after having 12 children in 17 years, two sets of twins. The last child born 27th March & she died on the 7th April when the child was only 10 days old. Poor woman.




The (3rd) attached photo is of the other end of the crypt and is of another Edith but this one died at 19 months of age.


From what I can see on the photo the inscriptions says:
remainder very hard to read
From the Monumental Inscription book you can glean that this Edith died 19th August 1840, aged 19 months, daughter of Thomas and Edith Norfolk.
Very sad.



 This (4th) is just a photo of the crypt and its surroundings. It is a lovely park.


The next photo (supplied by Victoria Norfolk after it was very kindly sent to her) was taken in Brockley Cemetery, SE London, The gravestone is badly weathered but has the following Norfolks:

Late of Greenwich
Died 25 December 1860
Aged 48 years

Elizabeth Norfolk
Mother of the Above
Died 15th February 1865
Mother of the Above
Aged 89 years


Son of Mr Thomas Norfolk
of Deptford
who died 7th October 1883
Aged 42 years

???? and Remembrance of
Edith Robbins
not legible below
It is known that she died in 1889 at 49 years and that she is the Daughter of Thomas Norfolk, Brewer of Deptford.